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About Us

Pelmets (or cornices as they are sometimes called) are much wanted items but generally expensive to purchase.

I am referring to Padded Upholstered Box Pelmets which was the main reason behind the development of 'our' pelmet system. We wanted to minimise the labour content in the manufacturing process in order to provide a cost effective yet stylish product for the consumer.

As we ventured further into the research and development of our new concept, the cost and problems associated with transporting the pelmets around the country as well as the ability to ship them internationally became factors to overcome. Transportation is now a breeze. Why? Simply because our Pelmets are lightweight, yet strong and come flat packed for easier handling.

It was also important that they be as simple as possible to assemble. As a result our READY MADE PADDED BOX PELMETS were born and are now available in a Variety (hence the name of the company) of shapes, styles and fabrics. Our innovate pelmet system is so remarkable that it actually takes longer to unwrap the packaging than it does to assemble.

And, all though other companies boast that all you need is an allen key or a screw driver to 'assemble' their products, our concept requires no tools at all. Isn't it amazing to think your pelmet is ready to hang in less than a minute?

Being a true box pelmet, our system additonally allows you the option of being able to hang your curtains or any other window treatments 'inside' the pelmet, if prefered. The only requirement is the attachment of angle brackets to fix the pelmet to the wall.

Our innovative design and simplistic manufacturing process, enables us to use materials such as Woven Woods, which we use to create our Hawaiian range. The use of these types of materials are not viable when making pelmets the 'old' traditional way. Most specifically, our Dual Fabric Pelmets are too difficult and too expensive to manufacture the conventional way.

You can choose a modern or classical design, resulting in a look superior a custom made unit. Definietly suitable for your home, they are also suitable for the office and other commercial situations.

Another great development that will save you money while allowing you to explore your creative side, are our DIY Pelmet Kits. All that is required is the application of the covering material. There's 'no' need to manufacture anything; even the padding comes already applied for you. As a bonus, to help with your project, the kits are supplied with a helpful step-by-step instructional DVD.

We have revolutionized the way pelmets are manufactured and sold.

Simply put... at Variety Furnishings / Variety For Windows we have introduced a new concept in Padded Pelmets which makes them convenient and affordable. We strongly believe in our products and have therefore protected our manufacturing process with patents 'nationally' and 'internationally'.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us. Local, national and international enquries are welcome.

Best Wishes
John Zorbas
Designed and manufactured in AUSTRALIA
Pelmets and curtains reduce air circulation and consequent heat loss through the window glass during winter and heat leakage into the home during summer when the curtains are drawn.
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