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Ever had a close look at the window treatments in some RVs (Recreational vehicle) ?

If so, you will see that most still use plastic wire coated hanging cable or plastic coated conduit to hang their curtains. This system makes opening/closing curtains very frustrating not to mention how unpleasant they look. RV's are exceptionally  expensive, so why shortcut on aesthetics and attention to detail where window treatments are concerned? As manufacturers have not addressed this ongoing problem, we have and created the perfect window solution for you. Not only do they look impressive, but the curtains are fitted on the correct tracking, allowing them to be opened and closed quickly and easily.

Our window package, assembled as a unit, made possible 'only' because of our flat pack design, allows venetian blinds, curtains and even roller blinds to be fitted inside a fully upholstered true box pelmet. For that reason only one item needs securing, not three. The entire component is fixed into the pelmet in it's flat pack form and 'then' assembled. We have even eliminated the Venetian Blind wand and replaced it with a knob control which has proven a huge hit with our customers.

Sloping windows are not a problem either. Venetian blinds are run on guide wires thus eliminating drooping by allowing them to be drawn up or down and again fitted with a neat looking control knob used to open and close them. Imagine how dreadful it would look if the sloping window had a wand hanging down, how intrusive it would be, not to mention the difficulty involved in raising and lowering without the guide wires. Inconceivable to believe but some van manufactures still use this dated method.

As an added bonus, we can now fit our upholstered wall tiles above your bed to give the look of a beautiful headboard. Why not match the fabric to your window treatments for the perfect finish, truly the icing on the cake.

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